Nate Hennigan Goldsmith
2-tone 14k yellow gold + sterling silver earrings with 3mm Moissanite round accents as well as a forged plaque with a cross cutout.French hook style earrings.Fabricated, french hook style " cork-screw" earrings.2-Tone 14k yellow gold + sterling silver french hook earrings with select quality 9x7 Madeira Citrine ovals. Sterling silver french hook earrings with 14x10mm Oval  Banded Lace Agate cabs.Sterling Silver french hook style ornate casted earrings.Sterling Silver french hook style casted earring.Sterling Silver elongated french hook style casted earrings.Elongated Sterling Silver fabricated french hook earrings.2-Tone Sterling Silver + 14k Yellow Gold earrings with custom 16mm length bullet cabs + select 6mm round Peridot accents.Simple french hook style earrings.French Hook style earrings with 14x10mm oval Blue Paua Shell.Sterling Silver Equestrian themed french hook style earrings with 2mm cz accent.14k Yellow Gold dangling stud earrings with customers 8x6mm oval rubies
Just the tip of the iceberg. We will be placing photos of new designs as we take them. For now were hoping these images will give a good idea of what we can do. Take advantage of the multitude of gemstones and precious metals we have at our fingertips to create a pair of earrings for yourself. Thanks!