Nate Hennigan Goldsmith
Here at Nate Hennigan Goldsmith, we offer a wide array of options for each individual customer. Whether you choose to take advantage of our available inventory of exquistely hand crafted line pieces or to sit down one-on-one with me to share ideas and go over options regarding that custom piece of jewelry that you've been searching for.
I can offer you works of art crafted from the finest materials in the industry. I approach each work of art as an artist first and the business second. This ensures the proper attention to detail has been given to each project. We specialize in white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver as well as platinum. I place particular emphasis on the fit and finish of all pieces as well as wear ability of each individual work of art to ensure it can be enjoyed for years and years to come. I can also offer a full repair service. Whether its rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, or chains, I strive to return each individual piece to its former glory.
If you're looking for "The One" sentimental purchase (engagement, anniversary etc.) we have a large inventory of certified diamonds at our fingertips and something can be selected for each individual as well as budget. Always placing emphasis on being discrete throughout the whole process. This ensures a truly unique finished piece that you will be proud to present and will be worn with pride for life.
My main goal at Nate Hennigan Goldsmith is the consumers happiness throughout every facet of their experience/purchase. I try to not only meet, but exceed customers expectations on all fronts and I'm not happy until you're happy. So please contact me personally with your ideas or questions regarding any facet of the process.

Nate Hennigan